Contiki Tour Day 8 & 9 – Las Vegas and Bass Lake


The 30th of July  was a full day to do what we pleased in Vegas. The problem was…. what do you do when you have so many options?  The majority of the tour group that were over 21 went to a Calvin Harris pool party and to be honest I am kinda glad I didn’t go because for starters $40 for a drink is a little out of my price range and then you still have to pay for tickets etc. The strange thing is that in Vegas women get into concerts/parties cheaper then men. This is something that I never realised before coming. So, heads up..if you ever come make sure that you have plenty of money saved because this place is incredibly expensive. One of the guys on my tour blew over $400 in one night. A few of us girls decided that we would spend our day at a mall on the strip. I didn’t buy much as I knew that I still have so much time here but it was definitely tough. Before heading back to the hotel we wandered through a few of the hotels. The Venetian is incredible. There is literally a baby ‘Grand Canal’ just like Venice and you could have rides on gondolas if you wanted. Although having said that it was small, it was surprisingly large considering it was all inside. We then headed back to the hotel and got ready before going to see a Cirque Du Soleil show, ‘Ka’. I have seen a different one of their shows before and really enjoyed it. Again, it was pretty incredible but I found the storyline to be very confusing.  Then once the show had finished we got a limo ride to another club. The limos all had champagne (tasted more like goon to be honest) which was a bonus. Again, being underage we couldn’t go into the club so we just ended our final night in Las Vegas by walking down the strip.



The following morning we were up bright and early again and this time we were off to Bass Lake. Basically it is a lake in California that is close to Yosemite National Park. The majority of the day was spent driving with a few stops here and there. We arrived in the afternoon and stayed in cabins right next to the lake. They were surprisingly nice compared to previous accomodation. The afternoon/evening was very relaxed. We all had dinner by the pool which was next to the lake and didn’t really get up to much else. Either way, it was again nice to be near water and just chill out.








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