Contiki Tour Day 7 – Grand Canyon to Las Vegas



The 29th of July started off great. Do you know why? It was the only day we actually got to sleep in! I never realised how much I appreciated a good lie in until I wasn’t able to. Today bags were to the bus at 8.45am and we departed at 9am. Our destination was Las Vegas. We drove for about 2 hours and then stopped off for a short break at a small town located at the start of Route 66. If I am completely honest the town was exactly like the towns shown in the movie ‘Cars’. There wasn’t exactly much to see and it was a pretty old and run down town but there wereย some pretty old cars and it was still very cool to see.

From there we continued onto Vegas baby! We passed the Hoover Dam on the way but didn’t stop. The traffic was pretty bad as it was a friday afternoon but soon enough we arrived and went down ‘the strip’ which is out of this world. There are so many people, all drinking and walking and there are so many themed hotels/casinos. We had about half an hour at our hotel (Harrahs) and piled back onto the coach for a city tour. We drove around the city and headed to the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign for a group photo and then it was time for dinner at Planet Hollywood. From Planet Hollywood we moved onto Fremont Street. Back in the day this part of town was losing business so people came up with the idea of an overhead light display. Evert half an hour the casinos turn off all of their lights and a light show plays to music overhead. It was awesome to see and again there were so many people, interesting characters and buskers. The bus then continued onto MGM Grand as the majority of people were going to Hakkasan for a night out. Those of us who were underage walked back to the hotel, stopping at the Bellagio on the way to see the fountains. You never realise how big the strip is until you walk it but, it is definitely something you should do in your lifetime!



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