Contiki Tour Day 4 – San Diego to Phoenix

Hey Again!

I am actually on a roll and have managed to get a few of these posts done over the last few days which is great. Fingers crossed I can manage to get a few more done before classes get too hectic. Classes actually started today and by the looks of it they are going to be very full on compared to back home in Adelaide so it will be very interesting to say the least. Anyways back to my Contiki tour, Day 4 26th of July.


Today we were up at 6.30am again so that we were ready to be on the bus at 7.45am. We had another long day of driving ahead of us as we travelled from San Diego across to Phoenix. We passed through a number of cities and small towns on our way but all in all it was very barren, dry and just a few cacti here and there. Every known again you would see a house in the middle of nowhere and I have no idea why you would want to live out there or how you would even make a living. After a few hours of driving we stopped once at a petrol station that had a few fast food outlets. Upon getting out of the bus the heat just hit you. It was 44oC. We grabbed an ice cream which was huge and then got on the bus. Did you know in America they have multiple sizes of McFlurrys? The small was larger then our normal size back in Australia. #merica. We hopped back onto the bus and at stages of the next part of the drive we were less than 100 metres from the Mexico border which was pretty crazy. I even got a message from Westpac saying welcome to Mexico as a matter of fact. There was actually a fence that ran along the border which was pretty interesting to see but apparently it doesn’t go all the way along. Driving along we saw the Imperial Sand Dunes and crossed the Sonoran Desert. These sand dunes are constantly moving and span hundreds of kilometres. It would have been good to stop and get a photo but unfortunately we just kept driving. We arrived in Phoenix around 4pm and went straight to do washing but unfortunately there was already a queue. After about 1.5 hours our washing was in the machine and we all went to the pool or should I say…. bath. The water was so hot it was barely even refreshing. They had the pool bar open, which was great for everyone else but the good old underagers couldn’t drink this time. After a few hours of hanging out at the pool we headed back to the rooms to shower before dinner. We went to a sports bar for dinner and got picked up by pimped out golf carts. Apparently in that particular area this is a common way to get around as it gets so hot.

We had our dinner and left pretty early, walking back to the hotel. On the way we grabbed frozen yogurt, which was really cheap and packed our bags again. I thought that I would check the temperature and at 11pm it was still 40oC. Again it was time to get ready to leave and although our time was good there, I could never live in a place that gets so hot.





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