Contiki Tour Day 3 – San Diego


Hey Again!

On the 25th of July we spent the day in San Diego and had the majority of the day free to do what we felt like. A large group including myself decided to venture to the San Diego Zoo. I was particularly excited about the zoo because 1. I love animals and 2. It was supposed to be one of the best zoos in the world. Having said that, I was not excited for the blasted heat! We arrived at 9 am and luckily it wasn’t super packed but that certainly changed by mid afternoon. The zoo itself was massive and it was pretty cool because it was celebrating  100 years. They had every animal imaginable from koalas to pandas (we didn’t actually get to see them) to polar bears. The exhibits were all very clean and spacious compared to many other zoos that I have been to and some exhibits felt like you were right near the animals. The pandas were the first on everyone’s list to see however, the both times we went to see them, they were not out in their exhibit and instead they were out the back where there was air-conditioning. I don’t blame them to be honest. Apparently they had only been in this enclosure for one week and they were still getting used to it. We literally stopped once for lunch and we still did not manage to see everything. Whilst at the zoo we saw a special show which showcased a few different animals and gave us some facts about the zoo. They bought on stage a few African Singing Dogs which were super cute and started howling. I would have to say that my favourite animals were the polar bears as I had never seen them before and the giraffes. The giraffe enclosure was really open so it felt like you were with them and there also a couple of babies which were adorable. From there we headed to Mission Beach which was about a 20 minute drive away. There was quite a large group of us that decided to go and some had surf lessons and the rest of us just chilled on the beach. We swam for a little bit but it was quite wavy and the beach was just not like home. It was good to finally relax as we had covered quite bit of ground in a few days. We also checked out the shops and amusement rides before getting back on the bus to go to the hotel and head to dinner at Pacific Beach. Dinner was lovely and at a restaurant/club/bar or whatever you want to call it facing the water. We then caught an uber home which was super cheap, grabbed ice-cream, packed our bags and that was another day done.




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