Contiki Tour Day 2 24th July – LA to San Diego

Hi Again!

Today we said goodbye to one major city and headed south onto the next, San Diego. San Diego was approximately a 2 and a half hour drive from LA which was a pleasant introduction to many more long coach rides that faced us. We were up at 6.30am and on the bus at 7.45am ready to go. The trip went surprisingly quick as it was down along the Pacific Coast and it was pretty scenic to be honest. After about an hour we did some introductions on the bus. It was really nice to get to know everyone a little more even if everything that was said was not the truth. The person that we sat next to did an โ€˜interviewโ€™ of us and there were certainly some characters in the group. Coming into San Diego it was really pretty as the city is on a bay/the coast.


Surrounding the city there were hills in the distance and should we have gone over them, we would have gone into Tijuana, Mexico. Apparently Contiki used to go into Tijuana but it is now too dangerous unfortunately. Our first stop was Coronado Island. This is an island that is adjacent to San Diego and is linked by the Coronado Bridge. It was a pretty impressive structure. Apparently Coronado Island used to be 5 islands but these are now joined to form one big one and is home to the military and regular citizens. The military presence is huge and it is the main base for the Pacific Ocean. We then moved onto Balboa Park. It is basically a large park area with museums, attractions and nice gardens. It is also where the zoo is located. We only did a quick walk around here so that way we knew what was there if we wanted to go back the following day. We then moved onto the Gaslamp Quarter. This is a particular area in downtown San Diego which is good for shopping, eating and drinking. There were quite a few people around as it was the last day of Comic Con but thankfully it was not like LA at all.


We had the whole afternoon here so we grabbed lunch and then headed down to the waterfront. We looked at a huge statue of a sailor kissing a nurse, which resembles a photo take after WWII and then went onto touring the USS Midway which is a decommissioned navy ship. The ship was huge. As we had a few hours to kill we decided to go on a tour of it. The ship had every room decked out to resemble what it would have been like and also had real planes on top of the ship. We walked around with headsets on and at each specific area you listened to the story behind it. We spent over 3 hours on board and still didnโ€™t see it all. I would definitely recommend it if you ever go to San Diego. We then headed back to the hotel for only a short while before we left to go and get dinner in Old Town San Diego. It is a specific area of town with a large Mexican influence and it looked like you were on the set of a wild western film. We had dinner at a small Mexican restaurant and the food, setting etc. was incredible. It would have been good to have more time here but maybe one day I will just have to go back. And that was our day.

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