It’s Happening!

Hi all,

The time has come for a little life update and my first post. Yew! This week has been quite stressful to say the least (got to love exams!) but it has also been incredibly exciting. After months of paperwork and waiting for replies, I have finally received my acceptance package for NC State. It is all starting to get a little bit more real.  It feels like I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever and as stupid as it sounds, it is so good to finally have it in my hands! My visa is the last thing to be finalised now and then I will be ready to set off on this crazy adventure.

PicMonkey Collage 1So now that I am officially going, why not let you all know what I am going to be up to before I arrive at college? So, I leave Australia on the 21st of July (it’s so soon!!!), arriving in Los Angeles on the 22nd of July and this is where I will be stopping for this leg of the trip. On the 23rd of July I am going to join a Contiki tour that will cover the main sights of the west coast. I was going to do a little bit of travelling by myself but considering it is a country that I haven’t been to and that I was going to be alone, for the price, Contiki was the best option. Plus, the dates worked out really well. Bonus! The tour starts in LA and we will be staying there for a few days before heading onto San Diego. We then head across to Phoenix, onto the Grand Canyon, along Route 66 and arrive in Las Vegas (shame I am not 21). The tour then continues onto Bass Lake, Yosemite National Park and ends in San Francisco. All in all, it will be a full on 14 days but I cannot wait to see some of the country side, adjust to America and meet a lot of people along the way. From San Francisco, I am hoping to head across to Indianapolis for about 4 days to see my brother and then head down to college in Raleigh. I have to be on campus by the 10th of August for a few days of orientation before classes start. While on campus I will be staying in a ‘village’ which is dedicated to international students. It is basically a dorm sort of situation with 2 people to a room and every international gets paired with an American. It is going to be a lot to adjust to but I cannot wait.

At the present I feel as though that is all of the latest news so until next time….







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